The Young Persons’ Free Bus Travel Scheme, which offers free bus travel for young people aged between 5 – 21, will begin on Monday 31 January 2022 and applications are now open! 

Young people will be able to access the scheme using a National Entitlement Card (NEC) or ‘Young Scot’ branded NEC card.

IMPORTANT: Please note all young people will need to apply for a new NEC card, even if they already have one, to ensure they are registered to access the free bus travel. 

All young people aged 5 – 15 will require parent/carer approval. Applications must be completed by the parent/carer on the young person’s behalf. Young people aged 16 and over can apply for their own.  The following link will take you to the website for applications

You might already have a card. It should look similar to one of the following

NEC card with Young Scot branding and PASS ‘Proof of Age’ hologram
Standard NEC card for those who may have ‘opted out’ of Young Scot

Regardless of which card you have, you will need to apply for a new one.

Hints for Parents/Carers

There are help videos for parents/carers on how to apply for a NEC card or an update for a young person who already has a card. See below:

Watch this one if you are a parent and your child doesn’t have a card

Applying for free bus travel for a young person aged 11 – 15 if you don’t have a NEC

Watch this one if you are a parent and your child already has a card

Applying for a replacement card – which you need to do if you want free travel

If you are unable to access relevant identification for your child, or you are having difficulty with the application process, please contact Stirling Young Scot via email or telephone 01786 233562


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