Kippen for Ukraine Update

Whilst we all wait in anticipation to welcome Ukrainian families or individuals to the village, this post is hoped to update you with where the ‘Kippen for Ukraine’ group understands the current situation to be at.

Registered Hosts

Whilst there are avenues for trying to link up Ukrainians through personal contacts, the Kippen for Ukraine group is encouraged by the Scottish Government Super Sponsor Scheme (SGSSS). Members of the group have had numerous discussions with the local authority, and Kippen has been identified as an excellent area to place refugees thanks to this Kippen for Ukraine support group and the generous offer of facilities such as the Reading Rooms as a community hub for Ukrainians. There have been a number of government publications with regards to the role of the local authorities and our discussion with them suggests that momentum is building.

The Kippen for Ukraine group believes that their close ties with the local authority will result in refugee placements being made in the village with considerations being made when matching, such as trying to keep families and friends within the same vicinity which has obvious benefits to their resettlement. Through the SGSSS, the local authority will also take responsibility for the travel arrangements and will be heavily involved in the refugees’ resettlement. It is for these reasons that the Kippen for Ukraine group members believe that the SGSSS is the best route towards hosting refugees at this point. Those interested in offering accommodation should register on the Homes for Ukraine website. A refugee interested in relocating to Scotland needs a visa issued by the UK Government, which can be applied for on-line, naming the Scottish Government as their named sponsor on the application.

Kippen locals wanting to help and support

As mentioned, we are delighted to confirm that the Kippen Reading Rooms Committee have offered the use of the building as a hub for Ukrainian families/individuals.

Reading Room in Kippen

The Reading Rooms Committee has been working hard to get services in place to assist with the needs of any Ukrainians in the village and we are delighted to confirm that WiFi has been installed within the building plus a new oven in the kitchen. The upstairs has been offered as exclusive use to Ukrainian refugees, however functions will still be available for booking downstairs. The Village Hall is also likely to be open as a supporting venue when and if required.

Thank you to those that have completed the form distributed by the Kippen for Ukraine Group ( which is very helpful in collating the services that people can offer. So far we have had over 20 formal responses with people offering support in short term accommodation, transportation, befriending, sourcing materials, helping at the hub, providing meals at their homes or for delivery, translation, offering garden space, fundraising and financial support. Those who have verbally offered support please do also complete the form.

We have also had over 60 members join the Facebook page which is hoped will be a place for sharing information and conversation amongst the community.

Whilst things seem quiet at present there is an undercurrent suggesting that things are happening. The more people that can offer support, the less onus is required of each volunteer.

If you have not already done so and are interested in helping, please complete the form which can be found at The Facebook page can be found here .

If you have any queries you can email If you would like to be added to our mailing list for updates and have chosen not to complete the form, email us and we can add you to our mailing list.

Other Information

If you want to do something practical but can’t get involved directly then there are a number of online resources you can access.

We’ll try to keep the following list updated: