Kippen Community Council are looking for your help

We are well aware of ongoing issues with roads and drains and we are looking to highlight these issues to Stirling Council and also ask a member of the Roads Department to attend our next meeting in May.  Our current concerns are the state of Main St./Castlehill/Castlehill Loan but we are aware that these will not be isolated issues.

If you are aware of any issues with the roads – potholes, surface damage, kerbs, pavements, blocked drains, etc – can you please contact us?

You can:

It would be handy if you can give us a description of the issue along with a picture. It would also help if you could supply an address or an OS grid reference or use to give us an accurate location so that we can log and report all the issues.

We’ll keep a log of all issues raised and report back on progress

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Mandy Dow · 15th April 2022 at 9:43 pm

Hi there. This isn’t In relation to the condition of the roads ( which I agree aren’t great) but more concerning speeding. Is this something the roads department can support with?

1. Can warning signs highlighting cyclists and pedestrians be placed on the road towards Claylands farm where it leaves the B822 at Cauldhame?

2. The radar speed signs in the village done appear to work. Can these be fixed and updated to support the new 20mph?

Many thanks

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