Stirling Councils is currently consulting on proposed amendments to its Placing Request Policy. 

The consultation period will run from 18th October – 22nd December 2021.

This consultation will take place through Engage StirlingEngage Stirling is the Council’s consultation and engagement platform. All of its consultations and engagement projects are held there to make it easy for everyone to access all live projects and e-petitions. It also ensures that the Council can provide easy access to updates so everyone can see how their views influence policy and practice. Engage Stirling is open to everyone over the age of thirteen and can be accessed from any device by creating an account by following the on screen prompts. Users are only asked to sign up once and when this is done users can access all of the live projects and e-petitions hosted on the site.  To submit a response using an alternative method please contact or call 01786 233185.

A virtual public consultation meeting will take place on Wednesday 10 November 2021.  Details on how to access this meeting will be given on Engage Stirling.


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