We’ve received the following communication from Stirling Council:

“Due to ongoing issues and concerns about the information we will no longer be treating this as an emergency. We will take the time to identify the correct owners of each specific tree and make sure they take the correct action within our powers of the Road Scotland Act, section 91.

Each land owner will be responsible for the correct action to remove the tree along with the correct safety measures and Traffic Management in place at their own costs.

We did try to act quickly in the interests of public safety but concerns from various parties has put a stop to this and we will now seek each individual party to take responsibility.

There has always been a nationwide debate on the ownership of trees alongside the carriageway, some local authorities go by fence line and others by title deeds and case by case basis, this is the approach we will take for these trees.”

I hope this clarifies the situation for you and thank you for your patience in the matter.


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