The daily pictures we are seeing of the war in Ukraine have affected everyone. Many people are gravely concerned about the situation and want to do what they can to support those people forced to flee their communities and seek sanctuary elsewhere.

Stirling Council has received enquiries about how people can support Ukraine and those impacted by the conflict.  As the situation is still very unclear and the needs of those fleeing have yet to be established, we would recommend making donations to organisations already working on the borders to provide support to people.

As the situation develops and the needs of people become more apparent support needs may change and aid agencies are better placed to respond to this. Several charities have launched appeals to help people in Ukraine. You can find out more and donate by following the links below.

We have been advised that uncoordinated deliveries of second hand goods risk adding to the pressures on the roads around the borders, hampering the delivery of resources needed by aid agencies and locals such as fuel and accommodation, and leave local suppliers out of the supply chain.  We strongly recommend that groups direct aid via one of the existing charities who are arranging deliveries and aid nationally.



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