You or your company can make a difference to your local playpark!

The playpark committee is looking for people or companies to boost their budget for the refurbishment of the playpark .

Over the years Kippen Playpark has become dilapidated and there is an urgent need for it to be completely renovated to provide the community with a safe, outdoor space for children to play and for families to meet.

In conjunction with Stirling Council we are planning the regeneration of the playpark on Fintry Road, Kippen. The total cost of the refurbishment is estimated at £75,000 and the plan is to upgrade in 2 phases.

Phase 1 of the upgrade will include a minimum of 1 large piece of equipment for age 5-12+, plus a minimum of 3 smaller pieces of equipment for toddlers 0-5yrs, with accessible landscaping including paths to allow safe access for all members of our community.

In the 2nd phase more pieces of large equipment are planned to be installed.

Currently we are fundraising for phase 1 and we would very much appreciate your generous support to help boost our budget, so we can make Kippen Playpark a really amazing place to enjoy.

There are several options to donate:

1. You can donate via our Go Fund Me page here

2. There will be a collection tin at  McNicholl’s store

3. The opportunity to fund or partly fund a specific piece of equipment. In return you would get public recognition for your contribution towards the playpark. There are many different pieces of equipment in different price ranges to choose from

4. Donate in person

If you would like some more information on how to donate, fund any item or if you are willing to donate towards a large item please get in touch with Lorraine Stewart or Jolanda McNeill (07784499683) to discuss options.


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