Based on feedback the suggested next step is to establish a local task force of up to six people that reflects users and local residents. The group would seek to secure funding and manage the following activities:

  • Trim hedges back to one foot of boundary fences
  • Regrade and repair the pathway and remove trip hazards
  • Overhaul the footbridge with a durable non slip surface
  • Install litter and animal waste bins at strategic points
  • Prune all trees to a height of approximately 25 feet and maintain this pruning annually
  • Limit cutting trees to a maximum of 5 trees in agreement with local residents that are most impacted presently
  • Remove ivy and undergrowth from on, and around, trees
  • Undertake planting and landscaping to enhance the habitat and aesthetic image of the area
  • Take effective measures to stop erosion of banks alongside the burn
  • Install suitable safety hand rails/barriers along the burn to prevent accidents and drownings
  • Re-engineer the culvert and up-stream stretches to eliminate blockage and prevent flooding of the pathway
  • Install an adequate drainage system to keep the pathway free of surface water
  • Resolve ownership of the Green and vest ownership in a local body capable of ongoing maintenance and repair
  • Secure ongoing maintenance commitments or alternatively maintenance funding for a minimum of five years
  • Install solar-powered, low-level lighting with motion detectors to deter anti-social behaviour and enhance safety

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