Proposals to tighten the laws around drinking alcohol in public are set to go to consultation.

Following concerns raised by local residents and Police Scotland, councillors have approved a report from Stirling Council’s legal team, which advocates a council area-wide consultation on proposed amendments to the Stirling Council Prohibition of Drinking of Alcohol in Public Places Byelaw.

The proposals seek to:

  1. Extend the area covered by the Byelaw in the Callander area; and
  2. Add to the wording of the existing byelaw to include having an open container of alcohol in a designated public place as an offence

The Byelaw was first introduced in Stirling in 1998 to prohibit the consumption of alcohol in a list of defined public places. This list has been amended and expanded over the years.

The Byelaw is enforced by Police Scotland with offences being reported to the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (“COPFS”) for decisions on prosecution.

The Byelaw currently makes it an offence to consume alcohol in a designated public place but is only enforceable by police officers who witness individuals in the actual act of consuming alcohol.

Police Scotland have found this to be challenging to enforce and have asked for the Byelaw to be changed to include being in possession of an open container containing alcohol in a designated public place.

They have also asked for the Byelaw to be extended to the Invertrossachs Road/South Loch Venachar area following a reported increase in wild camping and associated anti-social behaviour last summer.

Details of the consultation will be announced due course.


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