Postal voting packs for the Stirling Council Ward 2 By-Election will arrive in Forth and Endrick this week.

Registered postal voters will have already received their postal ballot papers for the Scottish Parliament election – one for the Constituency vote and one for the Mid Scotland and Fife Regional List vote, which will be coloured lilac and peach respectively.

In addition to these, those registered for a postal vote in the Forth and Endrick By-Election will this week receive a third postal ballot paper, coloured white, which is for the Stirling Council Ward 2 By-election.

Carol Beattie, Constituency Returning Officer for Stirling, explained: “Residents registered for postal votes in Ward 2 will receive three postal ballot papers in total: two for the Scottish Parliament, and one for the local by-election.

“This might be confusing for some so each ballot paper is colour-coded, with lilac and peach for the Scottish Parliament elections, and a white ballot paper for the Ward 2 By-Election in Forth and Endrick arriving this week.

“Each vote on each ballot paper is for a different group of candidates: two for the national elections, and one for a Council By-Election specific to the Forth and Endrick area, so it’s important you read the information carefully before returning your votes.

“Ballot papers for the Scottish Parliamentary Constituency will be lilac, the Regional List will be peach, and the By-Election ballot papers arriving this week will be white.”

The results of the Constituency ballot is due to be announced on Friday, 7 May, while the Regional List and Ward 2 By-Election will be announced on Saturday, 8 May.

All results will be confirmed by Stirling Council via social media following the official declaration and a full list of candidates for each election are available on the Council’s Election pages.

You can find the Council on Twitter @StirlingCouncil

Residents with further questions can contact:

Electoral Registration Office
Hillside House
Tel: 01786 892289
Fax: 01786 892255


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